In a big red barn, there live lots of farm animals, and they all make different and fun sounds! Listen to the BAWK of the mother chicken as she looks for her baby chicks, the MOO of the little calf that wants to play with her friends, the OINKS of the sleepy piglets, and many more. What will you hear when you join Pepa in the barn?

  • Interactive Learning Storybook – “Oink! Did I Just Say Oink?”
  • Learn about barn animals (chicken, cow, horse, duck, sheep and pig) and the sounds they make.
  • Let’s Bawk, Moo, Quack, Neigh, Baa and Oink!!
  • Let children guess what animal sound it is by listening to the REAL sound it makes.
  • Bring a giggle to your kids with this delightful book.
  • Recommended for ALL ages